Oral Sedation Instructions – Triazolam (Halcion)

For your safety, these instructions should be strictly followed.


  • Take the Triazolam (Halcion) as prescribed one and a half hours prior to your appointment time.
  • Please arrive to the office at least 1 hour prior to your appointment time.
  • Bring any remaining tablets with you.
  • You are welcome to bring a book to read while you wait, and your favorite music playlist to listen during the procedure.

Eating and Drinking

  • Stop eating and drinking three hours before your appointment time.
  • NO CAFFEINE (coffee, tea, sodas, etc.) for 6 hours before or after taking this medication.
  • Avoid grapefruit in the hours before and after taking Triazolam (Halcion).

Changes in Health History or Medications

  • Please notify our staff ahead of time about any changes in your health or medications.

Designate a Driver / Companion

  • A responsible adult should be with you from the time that you take the medication until you recover from the effect of the medication.
  • You should be supervised at all times, and should not go up or down stairs unattended.
  • These instructions should be read by your driver / companion before you take your medication.


  • Please wear loose clothes so we can place a blood pressure cuff.
  • Avoid colored nail polish or fake nails on at least two fingers so we can attach a pulse oximeter monitoring device.

After Your Appointment

  • You may be sleepy and lethargic for the rest of the day.
  • You should be attended and not left alone for the next hours after the appointment regardless of your apparent level of alertness.


  • Take your regular prescription medications, unless otherwise advised by your physician or by Dr. Ronderos.

Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

  • Taking street drugs or alcohol together with the sedative that we prescribed could lead to serious, potentially life threatening, complications.

Activity After Appointment

  • Under NO circumstances may you drive or operate potentially hazardous equipment for the next 12 hours after the appointment or until the effects of the medication have completely subsided.
  • Your judgment may be impaired during the next hours after taking the medication; do not make critical decisions until fully recovered.
  • A responsible person should be with you until you are fully recovered. This person should walk you by the arm to prevent a fall.


  • If you have any questions contact our office at (650) 595-5083.
  • If you or your companion feels that you have any signs that warrant professional evaluation and are unable to reach us, call 911.