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"I've had extensive work done with Dr Ronderos including a bone graft, gum graft, and an implant. I would highly recommend him for being great at what he does, extremely professional, and most of all empathetic. His staff is wonderful as well.

The work he did on my temporary tooth was flawless. Visiting a periodontist isn't usually a fun thing, but I have a lot of faith in Dr Ronderos."  ~ Heiko

"Dr. Ronderos has done 3 implants on me and the results have all been excellent.  He is friendly, explains things and takes care to make everything as painless as possible."  ~ David

"Ditto with several of the other reviews of Dr R.  Had some excellent work done by him on a double-implant on two frontal teeth that was kind of a challenge.  The whole process took almost a year (bone graft, etc.), but he and his staff are painstaking perfectionists.  They were very prepared for the surgery's, ensured I was comfortable, etc.  Dr. R and staff had me come in for regular follow-ups to ensure the grafts and surgery recovery were proceeding properly.  Again, Dr. R is a great work-admirer, always checking to make sure the previous work completed was healing and setting up properly.  His staff is equally professional.  I've spoken with other friends who've had implants done by others have at least some complaint, although they admitted going to a less-expensive dental practice.  I might've paid a little more here, but I was extremely satisfied with the experience.  Worth every penny!!!  And the outcome, just recently completed, was perfect.  A big thanks to Dr. Ronderos and Team!"  ~ Mike

"Dr. Ronderos is a wonderful periodontist. The primary goal of his practice is to improve the dental health of its patients (the bottom line comes second). I've received care from a number of dentist's who over-billed insurance companies in hopes of making an extra buck. This is not the case with Dr. Ronderos. His pricing is more than fair for the services he renders. He's honest,  extremely knowledgeable, delivers top-notch care, and has a wonderful support staff. I hope his business thrives for years to come."  ~ Wais

"I was referred to Dr. Ronderos for two implants.  Never having had anything like this before I was very nervous.  Mauricio explained the situation very clearly, including the surgery and recovery process.  In my case the surgery would entail two options because my jawbone width was borderline where one of the two implants was going. We had to either do a two-step process where the first would be to enlarge the bone width - then months later do the implants. Or (as we decided) - take our chances to see if he could get both implants in on a single surgery (also including adding additional bone material to the thin area after implanting that area).   Dr. Ronderos great bedside manner kept me well informed throughout the process.  He also handled the tricky area marvelously - getting it all done in one visit.  A week later he called me without prompting just to follow-up on my progress - leaving me his cell phone number to call him should I have any problems.  I didn't have any.

It's now been over two years - the implants are perfect.  I couldn't have hoped for a better experience.  Throughout the process Mauricio made me confident that I had the A-team on my case."  ~ Doug